Crafty Cab

You may have spied an unlikely sight rumbling through the streets around the Alexandra Palace if you were in London in October 2013 – a knitted taxi! You may even have noticed a photo of it in last issue’s Cast On section…. Read more  

Safia showing off her Blue Peter badge

Here’s One I Made Earlier

Just got back to Casablanca after an extraordinary week in the UK, which culminated in my appearance live on Blue Peter. Challenging in the extreme, and involving this series of events: 1. Ian and I taking a boat (courtesy of the marina office) to board our Dutch barge, so that we could retrieve the huge […]


Different Planes

The other night, on the crowded plane from Heathrow to Casablanca, I found myself talking to the young Polish woman seated beside me. She was hoping to eat a tuna sandwich she had brought with her; the smell of which she was concerned would offend me. I was hoping to read my book, which I […]


A Duck is Not Just for Christmas

In Casablanca, we have a problem with ducks. The pair of mallards, bought for our son as a Christmas present, arrived on the back of a motorbike, heavily trussed. Judging by the tightness of the knot securing them, we


Designer Bump

Just back from Morocco, via Heathrow, smugly congratulating myself on splitting my life between Casablanca and Surrey. Wriggled through the impossibly small hatch into the belly of Joja.